About Us

Planet Yucca Restaurant has an ideal central location in Kusadasi . Situated at the start of the historical Kale Ici, the restaurant building is steeped with the history of Kusadasi , with its original castle wall and historical turret only adding to the atmospheric setting of dining al fresco at Planet Yucca.
Guests have been enjoying Good Food and Good Times at Planet Yucca Restaurant since 1984 and the restaurant has built up and maintained a great reputation for providing the best, high quality service and dining experience in Kusadasi. At Planet Yucca, every member of staff aims to make your visit the best and most enjoyable dining experience possible.
Planet Yucca is the ideal place for all, and the restaurant is proud to be able to meet the needs of guests of all ages, whether families, friends,couples or groups. Planet Yucca is also a very popular venue for celebrations such as Birthdays.
Planet Yucca takes pride not only in the quality of the food and drink selection on offer, but also with the best entertainment, which is second to none.

Planet Yucca Kusadasi Restaurant

An Evening at Planet Yucca

The reservation has been made and the free transport is on its way, our much anticipated evening has started. We are met at the door by the manager and shown to our table. The menu is extensive, but we decide on Chinese and Indian food for our starters and Turkish and Italian food for our main course, and for dessert we have freshly made cheesecake from Planet Café, followed by the best light and fluffy cappuccinos in Kusadasi. Later the musicians start and the party atmosphere kicks in. After a few drinks we spend the next few songs on the dance floor. Happy hour is starting so we choose cocktails from the menu. This is a wonderful night and we decide to make a reservation for the following evening. The music is getting softer now and we realize that it is 2.00 in the morning, where did the night go, our free transport is waiting for us and we head off back to our hotel looking forward to tomorrow night. Same again, please Planet Yucca, the best night of our holiday in Kusadasi.


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