Our amazing 3-Course Special Menu at Planet Yucca at the amazing price of 29.50Turkish Lira !!

10 Sep 2016, Posted by PlanetYucca in PlanetYucca, Uncategorized

With two great menus to choose from, and at a price you simply can’t afford to miss, why not enjoy some naughty Nachos, followed by our succulent BBQ Butterfly Chicken Breast with all the usual trimmings, before rounding off your meal with our delightfully delicate cheesecake! All for the price of 29.50Turkish Lira – the price is an appetizer in itself !

Or, you can start with our popular Potato Skins, followed by our tender Cajun Chicken Fingers for your main course, finishing with some delicious Apple Pie, served hot or cold, as you prefer! This fab 3-course Menu is also priced at 29.50Turkish Lira.

You can, of course, visit more than once and enjoy them both!

*This offer is only available at Planet Yucca Restaurant in Kusadasi


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