Holiday Souvenirs

21 Jul 2016, Posted by PlanetYucca in PlanetYucca

In Kusadasi and wherever you go on holiday, souvenir buying is a popular thing to do , whether it’s a gift for the kids to give to their grandparents or friends or simply for ourselves,  we all seem to enjoy buying things to remind us of our holiday to a particular place or country. Here in Turkey, it’s easy to go over your luggage allowance, as, alongside all the ‘genuine fake’ goods that people love to stock up on, there’re many souvenirs of this wonderful country that people like to take home.  The little things like turkish delight, fridge magnets, keyrings and mugs are always popular souvenirs  and take no space at all.  From beautiful lamps and ornaments to ornamental plates, whirling dervish ornaments and  candle holders,  it can be difficult to decide what to buy!  Nazar souvenirs belİeved to be protection agaİnst evil are also popular and the evil eye depiction is found on many thing from ornaments to fridge magnets and jewellery.  Practical goods such as the nargile (turkish water pipe)and traditional board games such as Okey or Tawula (turkish backgammon) are also very popular. Whatever you choose to buy as a reminder of your visit to Turkey and Kusadasi,we hope it gives you lovely memories of a great holiday!

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