Live UEFA EURO 2016 Matches in Kusadasi at Planet Yucca Restaurant

08 Jun 2016, Posted by PlanetYucca in PlanetYucca, Uncategorized

EURO 2016  live matches on the widescreen, English commentary + air conditioning in Planet Yucca Sports Bar. Planet Yucca Restaurant in Kusadasi has an indoor Sports Bar with  more than one massive widescreen and is the perfect place for watching live sport! With live matches, English commentary, plus the added bonus of air-conditioning to keep you cool,  our upstairs Sports Bar must be the best place in Kusadasi to watch Euro 2016 .

As we are ideally located in the centre of Kusadasi, for any of you ladies who aren’t interested in the football, feel free to park your man upstairs for the matches before hitting the shops for a spot of holiday shopping, or even just chill downstairs in Planet Yucca. For night matches, our usual evening entertainment will still be on in Planet Yucca Restaurant, so this really could be a win-win situation for everyone!