Santa Claus Comes To Kusadasi, Too !

06 Dec 2015, Posted by PlanetYucca in PlanetYucca, Uncategorized

St. Nicholas is known to many as Father Christmas, Sinterklaas and, of course, Santa ,but did you know that Noel Baba – as he is known in Turkey – was born in a place called Myra, now known as Demre, in the Antalya region of Turkey? To this day, the area of his birth remains a popular place for visitors.
We have been very lucky in recent years in Kusadasi. Noel Baba has taken the time to visit us here, during the early evening of Christmas Eve, before setting off to deliver gifts to children in other countries. He returns to Kusadasi the very same night, for children who are traditionally used to him visiting them on that night of the year! Thank Santa for reindeers and time differences!
However, New Year’s Eve is really the main night that Noel Baba visits Turkey . Much loved by the children of Turkey, in the run up to the New Year he often visits the younger children in schools and gives out small gifts, before delivering presents on New Year’s Eve for all the children to open on New Year’s Day!

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