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Samba (click to read more…)

06 Sep 2015, Posted by PlanetYucca in PlanetYucca

  We all know how popular Samba music and dance is in Brazil and the importance of the Samba at the Rio Carnival, but did you know this dance style originated from Africa via African slaves who were brought to what is now known as…

Celebrating your special occasion at Planet Yucca

17 Sep 2014, Posted by PlanetYucca in PlanetYucca, Uncategorized

We’ve had the chance to help loads of guests celebrate their special moments this summer at our restaurant in Kusadasi… from a pre-wedding dinner and a surprise marriage proposal, to birthdays and wedding anniversaries … Tips y tendencias we’ve all had a great time so…

Traditional Turkish Night!

03 Sep 2014, Posted by PlanetYucca in PlanetYucca

Join us at our Traditional Turkish Night – every Thursday & Sunday evening throughout the holiday season. Tendencias de los años 90 Polo Emporio Armani Ea7 If you want to reserve your table and free,