Top Restaurant in Kusadasi, Planet Yucca, re-opens for Summer 2016 after a bit of a refurb, but our original motto ‘Good Food, Good Times’ is one thing that will never change!

06 May 2016, Posted by PlanetYucca in PlanetYucca, Uncategorized

At Planet Yucca Restaurant we have opened our doors for the summer with a bit of an update and refurb. We’re sure guests, both old and new, will enjoy spending time in our restaurant even more than usual!

 As you approach Planet Yucca, you will immediately see the large, red ‘chinese style’ lamps that surrounded the restaurant have gone and been replaced by smaller lamps, giving a more modern and atmospheric feel to the place.

Upon entering the restaurant, you’ll notice the lovely, newly tiled floor, in a colour and style that co-ordinates nicely with our other restaurant furniture.  You’ll also see our brand new bar area, again giving a light, modern touch to Planet Yucca, where, if you’ve joined us for late night drinks, you can sit if you want and enjoy the best entertainment in Kusadasi!

So far, our old and new guests have been impressed with our new look and we hope you will like it,too!  We still have a couple of  things we hope to do, to finish off our improvements  for this summer and we’re sure you’ll approve.  We’ll update you when it’s all complete and we look forward to hearing your thoughts when you visit.