Heat Wave coming to Kusadasi

Heat wave weather coming to Kusadasi

The latest weather predictions for Kusadasi are that from this coming weekend (11 July) there’ll be a heat wave lasting approx. 10 days!

We know it usually gets hot, hot, hot, anyway in July, but if the predictions are right, then it’s going to be hotter than usual !  At the best of times we often forget the importance of keeping our bodies fully hydrated, and, when it comes to heat wave weather , just because we may feel thirstier and drink more water, we sometimes assume we are staying hydrated but we probably aren’t!  The cases of dehydration often  increase during a heat wave – for tourists and locals alike – and it’s normal for local and national media sources to be reporting  Health Authority advice iro the need to increase fluid intake during this time!

A lot of people get fed up with only drinking water and supplement their increased water intake with other soft drinks such as smoothies, herbal teas and freshly made fruit juice to make keeping healthy and hydrated a bit more enjoyable! Sounds like a good plan to us!

If you will be on holiday in Kusadasi over the next couple of weeks, have a lovely time from all of us at Planet Yucca Restaurant in Kusadasi.



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